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Rocky Green King

11" Glowing Jellyfish Beaker Bong with Perc

11" Glowing Jellyfish Beaker Bong with Perc

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Disambiguation: Some may refer to the "tree percolators" as "jellyfish percolators". Look at more "jellyfish" tree percolators if that is what you are searching for. 

 This is a glowing jellyfish bong in the shape of a medium-sized beaker bong with a tree percolator. The tree percolator helps to filter your smoke into many tiny bubbles for smoother, nicer puffs. What's even cooler is that the percolator itself resembles a jellyfish*!

The tentacles painted onto the beaker bong glow in the dark, inspired by the species of sea jellies' that have natural bioluminescence. Our beaker bong, however, glows with artificial luminescence, using light to charge, and then once you turn the light off the bong starts to glow! 

*Just try not to smoke too much at once, some jellyfish sting, and this bong might sting too if you are smoking too quickly!

Jellyfish Bong Specifics:

  • Shape: Beaker bong design with a thick base, long neck, downstream, bowl, and plenty of glass firepower for you to load that bowl and smoke away!
  • Height: 11in
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8mm 
  • Weight: 530g
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