Neon Bongs

We have a wide range of neon bongs available from our glow in the dark pipe collection

The bongs are not "true" neon but do sure as heck light up like it when you turn off the lights!

Most of our glow in the dark bongs are neon green!  Such as our Jellyfish Bong.

Our Spider Bong, and our classic glow in the dark bong

However, you can also find neon pink, purple, orange, blue, and pink neon bongs as well.


Our Hot Pink Bong, Dragon Bong, and Galaxy Bong

Simply hold the bong underneath a light source... and when you turn off the light it will be like holding a neon light! Yes, we don't need any neon gas's to power these bongs. It's almost like magic! Check them out today!

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