Bee Bong

  • $52.00

This is the bee bong. On the bong you'll see cute bees buzzing around tending to their honeycombs.

The bong is a bright yellow and has a beaker bong design, characterized by its wide base, and long neck (which can be bought in the straight tube or bent tube variety (from the selection menu.)

The smoke is lit in the bowl and  travels through the downstem, where it then bubbles into the water to release its goods. 

We would also like to point out that this bong glows in the dark! Power this puppy with light during the day to watch it glow during the night! We think it looks great!

Your head will be buzzing just  as fast as these little bees can make honey. Hopefully the smoke does not sting too much ;) 

Bee Bong Specifics

Height: 12 in

Joint: 18mm

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Arrival in 1 - 4 weeks

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