Pros and Cons about Tree Bongs

Tree Bongs use the popular tree percolator to help diffuse and cool the smoke for a nice smoking session. The tree percolator is also effective at moisturizing the hit but there are drawbacks as well. Tree Percolators can easily be broken, may not always filter effectively and can also be hard to clean. We hope to demystify the pros and cons of the tree percolator bong.

Tree Bong Pros

Tree bongs are effective at providing cooling, moisturizing, and filtering to the smoke. Technology in the tree percolator allows the tree bong to accomplish this:

Cooling & Moisturizing: The smoke can be extremely hot as it comes through the pipes ( as hot as 3600F/ 2000c. Water gives some time to slow the smokes path but it is not always enough. The tree percolator forces the smoke to mix with the water and dissipate heat but it also filters.

Filtration: Water is a very polar molecule and when smoke mixes with the water, water attracts polar molecules. The water will not filter out non-polar molecules but its a great way to get your smoke less harsh and more enjoyable.

Visualization: The tree percolator is an appealing design to some. The way it bubbles smoke and percolates can be especially appealing. We wouldn't say this is the best reason to buy one but definitely a plus!

Tree Bong Cons

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the tree bong is its tree percolator sheer breakability, its difficulty to clean, and also it can be hard to achieve 100% efficiency at times. Here are the details:

Breakability - Tree percolators can break. For every arm there is a thin joint attaching it to the main base. Connections are fused together and are rarely more then 2-3mm thickness at best. Even if the arms are welded thicker they will still tend to be weak.

Difficult to Clean - Tree bongs have tiny tree percolators which can be difficult to clean. Debris can eventually clog up the tiny holes and stop them from functioning. The best remedy is prevention, but sometimes other percolators are more effective.

Efficiency - Tree bongs are good to filter and smooth smoke as long as they are well designed. Problem is that smoke always takes the path of least resistance. Your percolator may have 8 slits but only 3 might be actually bubbling if they were not leveled to the water correctly. Often times users like to take a drag at the tilt, which means only a few percolators would be working regardless. It is uncommon for percs to be perfectly level which is why a good highquality design is always best. 

Tree Percolator bongs have there pros and cons but regardless of the case. We recommend you check the best and brightest at

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