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Rocky Green King

Double Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher

Double Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher

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This is a double percolator bong with an ice catcher. The two percolators combined with the ice catcher let you get smooth hitting smoke with a good looking bong. 

Double Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher Specifics

  • The ice catcher, or ice pinch have tiny indents in the top neck of the bong ,where you can add ice for cooler smoke. 
  • This is a multi chamber bong that uses a coil percolator, and a dome percolator to give you twice the bubbles and more smoke filtration
  • This bong is of a straight tube design. The straight path of the smoke is more uniform in shape so the hit will be more controlled.

Height: 13.5 inches

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