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Rocky Green King

Ice Bong

Ice Bong

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Welcome to the Ice bong!

What can be better than a nice cool hit? Three dipped groves in the neck hold Ice for a frosty hit!

The neck can be filled with ice cubes all the way to the top. That way, when you take a hit, the smoke gets cooled the whole way through the neck. 

The Ice bong has a detachable diffuser (the long downstem) with tiny slits to help filter your smoke. All you have to do is add water until the slits are covered in water.

Ice Bong Specifics

Height: Approximately 11"

Weight: 420g approx

Bottom Diameter: 10.5cm approx

Tube: 45mm*5mm

This bong comes with 1 downstem and a 14mm bowl.

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