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Rocky Green King

Heavy Matrix Percolator Bong

Heavy Matrix Percolator Bong

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This Bong may be pricey but we are really excited about this piece! The heavy matrix percolator bong is a full-featured bong great for any serious smoking session

Large volume: This is a large matrix percolator bong with a large volume for more serious smoking sessions. The glass measures 16in high and the bowl joint is 18mm for maximum smoke flow.

Dabs or Herbs: The water pipe can be purchased with a quartz banger or ceramic nail, for dabbing; or a bowl or bowl with ash catcher for normal herb use and increased filtering.

Thick and Heavy: The Glass thickness is an incredible 6mm and bong weighs between 2.3 and 2.6lbs, which gives this bong a solid feel and quality weight.

Maximum Filtration: The bong comes with a honeycomb percolator and two matrix percolators for increased smoking filtration and plenty of bubbles! (While you at it, you can throw some Ice cubes through the top for a cooler rip!)

The Matrix Bong Specifics

Glass Joint: 18mm female

Bowl Size: 18mm male

Height: 40cm = 15.8"

Weight: 1050g to 1200g

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