Bong with Percolator & Ice Catcher & Ash Catcher

Bong with Percolator & Ice Catcher & Ash Catcher

  • $84.00

This bong has percolator, ice catcher, and ash catcher. When all three are combined your bong is ready to blaze some serious herb!

Bong Percolator, Ice Catcher, & Ash Catcher Specifics

  • The ash catcher extends the life of your bong, and sessions between cleaning, by keeping ash in the catcher and not in the bong.
  • The ice catcher forms notches in the neck of the bong, where you can add ice to cool down your smoke as you inhale.
  • A matrix percolator in the center and a percolator in the ash catcher helps you smoke more filtered and better smoke.
  • The bong is of the classic beaker bong design which looks nice and is harder to knock over.

Joint: 14.5mm

Weight: 422g

Height: 29.5cm = 11 ⅝ inches

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