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Rocky Green King

Triple Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher

Triple Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher

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This is the triple percolator bong with an ice catcher. The ice catcher consists of notches that sit on the top of the bong, and you can add ice for a smoother hit. 

Triple Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher Specifics

  • A triple set of honeycomb percolators help filter and bubble your goods into the best possible smoke
  • A drum percolator gives you even more bubbles before it hits the ice catcher.
  • The bong is pretty tall at 15.7 inches, which gives even more time for your smoke to cool down.
  • The bong is of a straight tube design makes this bong more efficient. You won't have to inhale as hard to make use of the three percolators for a bong this size.

Joint: 18mm

Height: 15.7in

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