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This is our store collection of Honeycomb Bongs. Honeycomb bongs are very popular in the smoking community and we carry all types of honeycomb bongs ranging from super tall to small and petite. Our honeycomb bongs come at every price point, and you can find almost every color of honeycomb bong down below.

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How Honeycomb Bongs Work?

Honeycomb bongs are typically made out of glass and come with a with a special type of percolator known as the honeycomb percolator. The honeycomb perc can utilize one or more honeycomb discs, which are bee-like structures that help break down your smoke into tiny bubbles, which then gets circulated through the water - so that it can hit your lungs more smoothly.

You typically can find honeycomb bongs with honeycomb percolators in stacks of 1, 2, or triple honeycomb discs as follow:

The Single Honeycomb Bong: This type of honeycomb bong uses a single honeycomb percolator to achieve its desired effect and can normally be found in smaller honeycomb bongs. These singles also tends to be a bit cheaper in the price. 

The Double Honeycomb Bong: As the name suggests, these bongs can have stacks of two honeycomb percolators, which provides slightly more filtration power for a smoother hit. The double-stack normally comes in slightly taller tubes and might cost slightly more, due to the extra skill and glass used to create a double honeycomb disc configuration.

The Triple Honeycomb Bong: As the name suggests, these types of honeycomb bongs come in a triple honeycomb perc configuration and provides more filtration power for a smoother hit. These honeycomb bongs will normally measure 12 inches or greater unfortunately tends to come at a much higher price. Partly, do to the extra skill and glass used to create these bongs.

Multi Honeycomb Percolators: Certain manufacturers might use the honeycomb percolator in more than one area. Especially recycler rigs which have more intricate tubing to help filtrate the smoke in the best way possible. A honeycomb perc may placed tin different areas throughout the bong to achieve this effect.

We would caution that each honeycomb disc might create some smoke drag. This is preferable for certain users, but it might be harder to take a quick gulp depending on the size of your glass dubing.

Are Honeycomb Bongs Good?

Honeycomb bongs are very popular in the smoking community and is worth paying attention too.

For one: these bongs look great!

For two: the manufacture of honeycomb discs are standardized and these can be manufactured with relatively high quality.

For three: honeycomb bongs can come with all sorts of additional great features, such as the high quality borosilicate glass.

Just keep in mind if your going to get a triple honeycomb bong, borosilicate glass, or anything crazy be ready to dish out some cash if you want to get the best smoke at the best price.

How to Clean Honeycomb Bongs?

After spending some days or weeks with your new piece of glass , you might notice that the smoke tends to create black or brown splotches and your glass will simply just look dirty. Fortunately, just like how you would clean any other perc bong, cleaning a honeycomb glass bong is no different:

1) Fill your honeycomb bong with bong cleaner, or alchol and let the solution soak in the glass for a bit. It will be good if the honeycomb perc is in solution.

2) Use a bong plug or use a rubber band to secure a piece of plastic to your glass so that the solution does not come out the top or your male or female joint.

3) Shake your glass like crazy until all the gunk comes off of the honeycomb disc. It might take some time to work the magic if your bong has more then one honeycomb perc.

4) Rinse your glass honeycomb bong out with water and look at your shiny new honeycomb perc bong!

Ready to Buy the Best Honeycomb Bong?

We covered a lot of information about the honeycomb bong, and how these crazy pieces of glass uses the honeycomb perc to help smooth your smoke to perfection. You might be intimidated by the selection of glass you see below, but it would be best to select your honeycomb bong by way of which looks the best, and the level of harshness you want in your smoke.

If your craving smooth really filtered smoke, naturally, a triple honeycomb or something larger then 12 inches will probably do you better. If you need just a basic honeycomb bong, you could probably get away with 1 honeycomb perc or less.

If there are anymore questions feel free to reach out to our customer service. We offer free shipping on some products and you must be of 21 years or older to purchase a honeycomb bong.

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