Sweet Honeycomb Jelly Parties!

Hello everyone! We recently created an events page on how to have the best jelly party when when having a smoking session with your honeycomb water pipe. And what can be better then having a sweet Jelly Party!

Here we talk about why sweets and smoke are the best combination, what else you can substitute for food on your party, attire and other things to consider on your party!

Sweets and Smokes the Perfect Combination!

Yeah, we know smoking and over indulgence can be a bad idea... but who can smoke outta their honeycomb bong on a fun occasion just by itself... especially if you decide to throw a birthday party! Just grab your perfect skirt , or suit and indulge!.

We focused on jelly for our last smoking party because well... what's better then jelly? They come in many flavors!

Also, no smoking session can be complete without gorgeous clothing attire to go with your classic smoking session. Bottom line is if you need a good bong to go with your stylish jelly party, grab a bong, grab a pastry, grab some tea and have a great smoking party on your wedding, or time out with the friends!

Best Deserts for Smoking

Cheesecakes - are extremely decadent and go good with any honey pipe smoking session.

Apple Pie - What can be more tastier then an apple pie? Apple pies might not be from the USA but they sure are tasty!

Cheesecakes - not just for kids, cupcakes go great with any smoking party. You can have awesome flavors such as vanilla and strawberry that just taste great!

Jell-0: Wobbly Jell-O is so wobbly and fun to eat. You will not only the sweetness of jelly but all the fantastic flavors!

Carrot Cake - Might we say yum, yum, yum? Carrot cake is creamy and delicious and goes great with any smoking session!

Ice Cream - Creamy and rich, try vanilla, chocolates or strawberry the next time you have a smoking jelly party!

Brownies - Yum! who can forget brownies! Just make sure they are not the special brownies, brownies taste so good on any smoking session!

Why the honeycomb bong?

Honeycomb bongs are versatile and super portable. You want to have a bong that helps filter your smoke when you decide to throw a smoking festival. Plus our honeycomb bongs come in many great colors!

Other Fun things to do on a Smoking Jelly Party

Take some photos - You will want to take plenty of photos to capture the best moments of your smoking party.

Send out Digital invitations - Smoking wont be good without having friends over of course! You can even sent out printable paper invites.

Decorate -  whether it be flowers, party favors or stylish tables, you want to have the correct atmosphere on a smoking jelly party!

What will you do when you eat Jelly?

We hoped you enjoy all our tips to have the best party when you smoke! Remember, you don't have to eat jelly! There are many other deserts that work just as well! Just remember to put on your best dress or suit, grab a bong. And do your jelly party!

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