Ice Bongs vs Regular Bongs


Are you trying to decide on whether to buy an Ice Bong or a Regular Bong? We've got you covered. Here are the pros and cons surrounding the ongoing debate between going ice or regular bongs.

What is the Difference between an Ice Bong and a Regular Bong?

Ice bongs come with a splash guard (also called an ice catcher) which normally consists of 3 notches located in the neck of the bong. The notches keep the dirty bong water down and also keeps the ice out of the bong. Regular bongs do not have the Ice bong notches and ice cubes can not be added easily.

ICE Bong Benefits

Ice bongs are great for those that want to smoke with out getting the harshness of the smoke all at once to the lungs. Its the equivalent of lets say a cold soda to a hot soda. The hot soda isn't quite as rewarding, and the same may be said for ice bongs according to some people. 

Regular Bongs

Regular bongs do not have the ice catcher notches and you are at mercy to the full force of the smoke. Some regular bongs have it better with more percolators and filters that can get the smoke less harsh as it makes its way through the glass. Then again you dont have the ice to finish the job.

Regular vs Ice Bong - Who Wins?

The benefit of cooler smoke makes ice bongs a clear winner for most, but its also important to not get the smoke overly chilled - or then you will have cold lungs and that's not good either!

 Everything is good in moderation so if you want a good ice bong - check them out now! 

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