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Rocky Green King

Ultra thick scientific glass bubbler

Ultra thick scientific glass bubbler

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Our scientific glass bubbler has super thick glass!

The glass thickness measures 9mm which is crazy by thickness standards!

Scientific glass is known for its strong durable design, great heat resistance, and resistance to stress fractures.

Whats more - our diffused downstem will churn your smoke through that bubbly water to soften the harshness of the hit!

And if if that is not enough Add a few ice cubes to the beaker's built in ice catcher to cool down the smoke for a cooler moisturizing (silky hit)

Item specifics

Height: 12in = 30cm

Glass thickness: 9mm

Joint: 14mm male

Percolator: diffused downstem + ice catcher

With your order will be a matching 14mm female bowl for herbs :) (as seen in picture)

World wide shipping

Arrival 1-4 weeks

Hurry deal ends soon!


We love our scientific glass... we're sure you will too :)

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