Why put ice in a bong?

Ice cubes can be put into a bong to prevent the smoke from being to hot and hitting the lungs harshly. The same way you put ice cubes into drinks to make them cooler, you can put ice into a bong to get the smoke vapor cooler. 

Bongs designed for ice come with an ice catcher to prevent the ice cubes from falling into the bong water. 

It's important to make sure the smoke doesn't get too cold because it could be bad for the lungs as well if the lungs are getting nothing but freezing air into them. Its good too find a balance in temperature so that the ice isn't cold but at the same time not so harsh. 

You can't put ice into some bongs because it either doesn't come with an ice catcher, or the opening on the top is too small to put the ice cubes in. For bongs like this, some people like putting cold water into the bong instead to get a similar effect.

Other people might choose to put the bong into the freezer, but we just want to warn you: that the bong will be easier to crack, so be careful with that fire.

When it's all said and done, ice in the bong all comes down to personal preference. If you would like to check out some quality, good priced ice bongs just click ahead! :)

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