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Rocky Green King

The Ice Catcher Bong

The Ice Catcher Bong

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This is the Ice Catcher Bong. We might have have over done it a little but that is what gives this piece its big wow factor!

Ice Catcher Bong Details

  • There are over 30 individual splash guard tips that help keep the dirty bong water from splashing back at you. 
  • The top portion "catches the ice" so you can add ice cubes to the neck line and get the bong smoke much cooler for a great artic hit.
  • The bong is super tall at 16 in, thanks to its straight-tube design, so it functions as  a cooling tower of sorts to help give that smoke time chill as it goes up and finally hits the ice cubes.
  • A small diffuser percolator helps create more bubbles before the smoke hits the ice catcher.

- Height: 16 in

- Features: 30 splash guards

- Joint Size: 18.8 mm bowl

- Diameter: 50mm


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