Collection: Tall Bongs Under $50

Tall bongs under $50 are tall because they are taller than 14 inches, and they are cheap because they are made out of silicone and inexpensive to make and transport. If you want a more premium tall bong made out of glass we would recommend checking out our main tall bong collection.

+ What is Great About These $50 Dollar Tall Bongs?

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Cheap, tall bongs might get flack for being made of silicone, but the truth is that they are inexpensive and harder to break. Silicone's competitor, glass, can sometimes be top-heavy and easily set you back a few hundred dollars if you manage to knock over a tall glass bong.  And Just because the bongs are cheap doesn't mean you don't have options.

In fact, most of our $50 dollar silicone bongs glow in the dark, and we also have silicone bongs with different graphics. But, if you would like to explore more options we also have more cheap glass bongs (with some even offering free shipping). Also, some of our best $50 bongs are inexpensive but not necessarily tall.

Keep in mind, you might want to check out our $100 dollar tall bongs as well, which are made of more prestigious glass, have thicker walls, and have more features such as percolators. You can also just click on tall bongs to see all the options we carry. 

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