Collection: The Best Cool Bongs Under $50

These cool bongs can be bought for under $50. These might not be as luxurious as our $100 dollar bongs but they are best for those buying bongs on a budget.  

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What is Cool about $50 Bongs?

The cool thing about these $50 dollar bongs is that they do not break.  Most of our 50-dollar bongs are made out of silicone which is extremely durable and might be considered a quality feature in its own right. 

More expensive bongs made out of glass might be nice, but bongs made out of glass can break easier.  Also, shipping fees go up in the costs of bubble wrap and protective packaging, but silicone bongs don't need any of that! Our shipping savings translates to lower-cost bongs. 

What makes these $50 Dollar Bongs the Best?

The best thing about these $50 dollar bongs is that you're getting a bong that is fully functional. 

Many of our $50 dollar bongs come in the straight-tube design which is minimalistic and super easy to smoke from.  This is the same cylindrical shape that you see in our upper-tier $100 bongs. 

In addition, many of our $50 bongs glow-in-the-dark which means that they can light up in the dark after being exposed to sunlight or a light source.

Finally, you can find larger-sized $50 bongs that are over 11 inches tall, great for heavy smoking sessions, or smaller 8-inch bongs that are great for portability. 

Any drawbacks to $50 dollar bongs?

Perhaps the biggest drawback is that many of our $50 dollar bongs don't have the percolators that our more expensive perc bongs have, such as the tree percolator or honeycomb percolator bongs

If you want a bong that is more high-end feel free to check out our $100 dollar bongs or $200 dollar bongs.

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