Collection: The Best Cool Bongs Under $100

If you're looking for a cool bong for under $100, but still want to get the luxurious features of a premium bong, there are many options available to you. A $100 bong can still be bought with the percolators, style, and shape to give you the most smoke for your money. 

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What Types of Bongs are Available for Under $100?

Surprisingly, many of our collections have bongs for sale at this price point. In fact, we have a dedicated section for our top tall 100-dollar bongs.

Sure, these $100 bongs are smaller than our larger $200 dollar bongs but don't get us wrong, there are many cool bongs available at this price point.  You can buy complex recycler rigs or multi-percolating honeycomb bongs, or even rigs that glow in the dark. Several of these bongs even won our best-featured category. 

What Other Price Points are Available?

If $100 dollars is still too much we recommend checking out our bongs that are under $50 dollars. Or if you have money to splurge check out our $200 dollar water pipes.

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Water Pipes Under $50

Water Pipes Under $200

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