Rocky Green King - 18 inch Bongs

18 inch bongs bongs are big, bad and beautiful. You can buy an 18incher as an 18 inch beaker bong or an 18 inch straight tube bong. If you like, thick glass (9mm to be exact), and heavy'ness (we talking almost 2lbs worth of glass) you'll absolutely love these affordable $114.00 dollar bongs. 

More Great Things about Big 18 inch Bongs

  • 1. Improved Smoothing: The longer the bong, the smoother the smoke. Because they have more room, 18 inch bongs allow the smoke to travel further, which results in a smoother hit.
  • 2. More Water Capacity: The larger the bong, the more water it can hold. This means that 18 inch bongs can hold more water than their smaller counterparts, which helps to filter out more of that smoke gunk.
  • 3. Easier to Clean: Because they have a larger capacity, 18 inch bongs are easier to clean than their smaller counterparts. You won't have to worry about scrubbing every inch of the bong because the larger size makes it easier to get into all of the nooks and crannies.
  • 4. More Room for Ice: If you're looking for a cooler, smoother hit, then you'll love 18 inch bongs. They have ice catchers (which can hold ice cubes) and long necks which means more room for ice so you can cool your smoke down even more.

Why Wait? Buy An 18 Inch Bong Today! 

For more Tall and Large Bongs click this link. Also check out our 18 inch straight tube guide, or buy the bong straight up (Pun Intended).

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