The 18 in Straight Tube Bong

The 18 inch straight tube bong is a force to be recon with. If you're looking for a quality thick bong (we talking 9mm thick glass here) you'll want to check out this heavy 18 incher straight tube which weighs in at almost 2lbs!

Why Mess With an 18inch Straight Tube Bong?

  • The shape of the bong allows for a large volume of smoke to be inhaled at once, which can result in a stronger, more intense experience.
  • The straight tube design allows for a more even diffusion of smoke, which helps to make the smoke smoother and more flavorful
  • A straight tube bong is also easier to clean than other types of bongs, as there are no complex shapes or parts to worry about.
  • Our contracts allow us to sell 18 inch bongs at an affordable price. Try looking up google search for an thick 18 incher that's under $114 and Good luck. You might need to try to look these up in a language other then English. As Samuel Jackson would say "We dare you too. We double Dare you to mother [Censored]'ucker

Buy an 18 Inch Straight Tube Bong

If your interested in adding an 18 inch straight tube bong to your cart click this link --------> This Link. If your interested in checking out all of our 18 inch bongs or more of our Large, Tall, and Big Bongs, then click one of those. <-------- :)


Happy Smoking! :)

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