Big Bongs - Buy a Big Bong

18" Straight Tube Big Bong - $104.00

 These big bongs are tall, thick, heavy and nice!

The two most popular big bongs we sell are our 18" straight tube bong and our 18" beaker bong.

Big bongs are distinguishable buy their larger frame and have the ability to hold bigger volumes of smoke, which means you can take gigantic hits!

Big Bong Features:

  • Thick Glass - both come with 9mm thick glass, and you can't get much thicker then that!
  • Large Bowl:  with big 18.8mm downpipe opening
  • Extra Wide Base - The bottom of the bong measures almost 5" wide, so width of the bottom is almost as tall as some normal pipes!
  • Ultra Long Neck  - the entire water pipe is 18" tall, almost 2ft!
  • Heavy - These bongs weigh almost 2lbs 



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