Straight Bongs Vs Beaker Bongs

Every year, new base designs emerge as recyclers and dab rigs change the landscape. However, straight tubes and beaker bongs have been around since the beginning. What are the advantages of each and which should you choose for your setup? We investigate the variations.

The Benefits of Beaker Bongs

A beaker bong is shaped like a lab beaker, which has a flared base and a straight neck. The wide base and low center of gravity of beaker bongs make them less likely to topple over than huge bongs. A straight tube bong that bears too much weight on its front can topple over.

Beaker bongs also have the added advantage of preventing water from splashing into your mouth when you take a hard hit since the base narrows towards the neck. A beaker bong's neck sometimes has ice catchers that control how much water flies up your face.
Bongs with enormous bodies can fill up with plenty of dense smoke so you don't need a giant bong for a big hit. The beaker bong is the best choice if you're looking for something small yet powerful. Even the smallest of them can fit a lot of water, which makes them effective for filtering smoke from the downstem. 

Straight Tube Bongs: Why They're Better

A straight tube bong is just what it sounds like: a cylinder-shaped bong.
It may seem natural to stack beakers with percolators to create a water pipe filled with percolators, but surprisingly, not many beaker bongs actually take advantage of that opportunity. Straight tube bongs are better if you want a bong that utilizes every level of the water pipe as a filter.
There are many types of percs that can be used with straight tube bongs, from removable downstems that are attached to the bong's base to honeycomb discs that serve as chamber separators. 
They not only prevent water from coming up at you, a common flaw with simple straight tube bongs, but they also produce thick smoke in a condensed area and lessen overall drag. As a result, you don't have to pull as hard on these bongs to get a powerful dose, which may make up for the space you lose by choosing a straight tube bong over a beaker bong.
To solve the problem of ice melting in straight tube bongs, some bong manufacturers use condenser coils as the neck. With these glycerin-filled coils, smoke travels through icy pipes without causing the problem that frequently plagues ice-loving bong smokers: too much melted water. The water chamber of ice catchers frequently overruns, causing spills or splashbacks.


What is better, straight tube bongs or beaker bongs? Each performs better in different categories, making it difficult to make a firm choice. If you want to add an ashcatcher to your setup, a beaker bong is typically your best option. Straight tube bongs, however, may be the best choice if you're looking for internal filtration within the body of the water pipe.

Tubes vs. beakers

Nowadays, scientific bongs usually combine both options. In order to increase volume and airflow inside the bong without making the base too big or cumbersome, modern designs have been embracing hybrid-style bodies that flare out into a larger cylindrical base. Both of these designs offer enough possibilities to help you feel confident in your choice, whether you choose one of these combos or either of the originals.
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