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Rocky Green King

Glitter Bong

Glitter Bong

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These are the glitter bongs! The glitter bong is shiny and reflective and looks pretty darn cool! You can get this glitter bong in silver or gold which both sparkle and shimmer depending on how you have the light pointed at it.

The unique Glitter Bong is of a beaker bong shape which makes it harder to tip over and can hold more smoke. There is also a splash guard to keep dirty bong water down, and you can even add a few ice cubes to the bong to keep that smoke super cool!

Glitter Bong Specifics

Height: 12 in

Base Width: 5 in

Thickness: This bong has a hefty 9mm wall which gives this bong a nice feel. You can find more thick colorful bongs here.

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