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Rocky Green King

Tall Rifle Bong | Gun Bong

Tall Rifle Bong | Gun Bong

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Get ready to Lock and load ladies and gentlemen with our tall rifle bong.  With this tall rifle bong your sure to blaze your night for a time to remember!

For the anarchist and gun enthusiast alike, this bong measures an impressive 18.5 inches tall and by all regards is a pretty tall bong! Simply load your ammo into the bowl or banger (options at checkout) and let 'er rip!

This smoke powered, pipe operated, bong has a built-in downstream which functions as a bubbler to help spread those smokey bubbles... and as the smoke chambers through the barrel - get ready to toast up!

The rifle handles can be griped to help take that shot, or simply hold by the barrel. The scope can also be used as handle for extra leverage.

Your Party Guests will rage about this bong, and It is a masterpiece by all accounts! It comes in blue or black. Get ready to see smoke coming out that barrel as you light em up!

Rifle Bong Specs

Height: 18.5in

Joint: 14mm female

Colors: Blue or Black


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