Cheap Glass Bongs

We have plenty of cheap glass bongs at our online headship. These bongs can be made more affordable because:

  • These bongs are made with glass that is a bit thinner
  • These glass bongs smaller in size. 
  • Designs might be a little bit less unique
  • Glass Blower experience might not be high

 This is how we can get amazing low-cost prices!

These Are Some Of Our Most Inexpensive Glass Pieces:

The Mini Purple Bubbler

This tiny glass bong is very affordable at only $47.00 

This Bong measures 8in in height, but even though it is cheap - this bong still comes with 5mm thick glass. You can buy this bong today!

Beaker Bong With Ice Catcher

This Glass Bong is also very affordable at $33. This glass bong is very plain and very simple, so we got it at a low price for ya!

This Bong measures 11.2 in tall, so even though this is a low-cost beaker bong, there is still plenty of height for you to use as a daily bong.

Bottle Bong

This bong is small, simple, and is very cheap to buy! At only $34.00, this bong measures 7in tall and has a 14mm bong. This is a good starter bong and you can not go wrong with this cheap bottle bong.


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