How to clean a percolator bong?

Percolators function by creating tiny bubbles to increase the surface area of the smoke - resulting in a cleaner smoother hit. But, all the benefits of the percolator bong go out the window when it comes time to cleaning them!

Perc bongs can get disgusting quite quickly, especially with all the gunk they absorb that ends up staining the glass. Here is how you can clean your percolator bong.

Methods for Cleaning the Percolator Bong

1) Isopropyl Alcohol works well for cleaning the bong as boiling hot water can sometimes damage the bong. It’s important to clean the bong to improve water flow, and keep your bong looking sharp.

2) Pour alcohol into your percolator bong mixed with salt and shake vigorously to loosen the grime. The salt will act as an abrasive and help loosen the grime faster. Isopropyl alcohol with a greater alcohol percentage will work best to loosen the grime. Remember to cover the ends, before you shake or you will splash solution onto your body.

3) If possible allow your percolator bong to soak in the solution for two hours. After a long soak, the reason will start to loosen even more.

4) Rinse the bong out with water a few times. You don't want your smoke to be covered in alcohol. 

Remember It's important to clean the bong regularly to keep your smoke fresh, clean and looking good. Changing and rinsing your bong regularly will keep it looking fresh longer. Prevention is the best road to sucess.

Is Your Bong Too Dirty?

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