Best Percolator Bongs: High, Low, Mid-Range

Percolators can be quite elaborate with the more detailed ones having more bells and whistles, different structures, and also different openings to filter the smoke. All percolators accomplish the same thing but some do it better.

The best kind of percolator will depend on your preferences. Here are some of our best percolators from high-end to low-end.:

Best High-End Percolator Bongs

The best high end percolator bongs typically cost more then $100 and are well crafted.These percolator bongs also tend to be bigger then averaged sized bongs. 

High End Green Percolator Bong

Our high end percolator bongs are taller, which gives more space to cram in more percolators for a multiplier effect on the smoke filtering. In fact, you can buy this high end green percolator bong for $120. It is one of our best.

15.5in Tall Tree Perc

As you might know, bongs more percolators can increase drag, especially with these tree percolators that have smaller holes.

But if your like many smokers, having some drag is desirable (the force needed to inhale and get the smoke).Tall bongs like this 15.5in Tall Tree Perc have more room to cram a greater number of percolators into its design.

Best Mid Range Percolator Bongs

Propeller Percolator

Mid Range percolators maybe cheaper in price but don't let the cheap price fool you. There is some value to be found here such as our propeller percolator that is under a $100 dollars and has gnarly propeller percs than spin as you inhale

Fab Egg Bong

Also on our list is the Fab Egg bong which comes with a showerhead percolator on its base. Not only do you get more bubbles, but the unique recycler shape of the Fab Egg bongs allows more splashing, giving more time for the smoke to drop in temperature and enter your lungs more nicely.

Best Low End Percolator Bongs

The best percolator bong is not always the biggest, and these are some of our smaller percolator bongs. 

Purple Honeycomb Percolator

Certain percolator bongs like our Purple Heady Glass Rig are downright tiny. Tiny percolator bongs are better for portability ff you don't mind a ridiculously small bong at an affordable price. You might want to try one of our low end double honeycomb percolator bongs

Double Honeycomb Percolator Bong. 

What Percolator Bong Will You Buy

These percolator bongs are just a small sample of the many percolator bongs available from our Percolator Bong Shop

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