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Pink Cute Girly Recycler Bong (Pink Dab Rig)

Pink Cute Girly Recycler Bong (Pink Dab Rig)

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This small, cute, girly recycler bong (pink dab rig) swooshes your smoke around and around until it gets more filtered.

What's even better is that this pink dab recycler comes in super pink and is great for using concentrates, but if you prefer to use a bowl there is no need to fret, a cheap hot pink bong that glows neon pink can be purchased as well. We have more pink mini bongs and more dab rig options as well.

Pink Dab Rig Features

Quartz Banger - Dab rigs can work with dab nails made from ceramic, quartz, or titanium; this rig comes with a quartz nail because it heats faster, and you can also more easily see the contents.

Recycler Design - gives more time for the smoke to cool down, while also maximizing the full flavor of your smoke

Height: 7 1/2 inches (this smaller size makes it easier to carry around)

Joint: 14mm  

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