Thermal Banger Guide

So you looking to take on some concentrates but you dont have a thermal banger or a nail? We are here to introduce thermal quartz banger which is a spin off of the quartz banger.

What Does a Thermal Quartz Banger Look Like?

A thermal banger is a a category of quartz bangers that have an extra chamber in the center of the glass. The inside chamber facilitates better heat transfer and allows for better airflow and a great smoking experience!

Keep in mind that there are many thermal banger colors, and designs. Some Thermal bangers come with carb caps to keep the smoke in. 

How Do You Use a Thermal Banger?

All you got to do is heat the banger with a torch and then apply your concentrates to the center glass with the dab tool. This banger is basically the same as your nail or banger - just with a twist. Don't try to heat the banger for longer then 30 seconds or you may damage the banger. Even 15 seconds might be pushing it. 

Are There are Benefits to the Thermal Banger?

Yes, the thermal banger heats up quicker, holds heat longer, is designed for low to medium temperature concentrates. The only drawback is that the thermal bangers can be more expensive and harder to clean, but is probably the best option for those low temp concentrates.

How do You Clean A Thermal banger?

The best way to clean a thermal banger is to use isopropyl alcohol and salt.  You'll typically want to let your thermal banger soak for 60minutes or overnight. Use q-tips to help clean the small spots and repeat as needed. Remember to rinse out the thermal banger completely. You dont want any isopropyl alcohol left inside of it or it may ruin your smoking experience.

What's Next?

We hoped you enjoy reading about thermal bangers. Thermal bangers are some of the better quality glass types when it comes to choosing what you will use to heat up your dab rigs. If you would like to buy a thermal banger or more accessories - check out our bong accessory shop.

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