How Much Is a Bong From a Smoke Shop?

Bong quality goes by different tiers and for a cheap bong you're looking at $20-$40 dollars, for a medium tired bong $40-$80, and for a high-quality bong you are looking at $100+.

Bongs That Money Can Buy:

$20-$40: A basic acrylic or silicone Water-Pipe, These pipes will generally be of lower quality and only come in basic designs. There is one added bonus: these cheap bongs are normally a bit harder to break, but who wants to use them anyway?

$40-$80: You’re generally starting to look at a more quality water-pipe and higher quality material or glass. However, You are getting what you paid for and these bongs will normally be a bit smaller and be a little bit less well crafted than the more expensive bongs.

$100 +  : Now you're looking into decent pieces of glass that you can actually enjoy! These Bongs will be a little bit larger and come in more unique designs and shapes. We have plenty of higher-end bongs available from our Bong Shop.

If you would like to learn about the different bong shapes or percolator types available to you check out our blogs, or just check out the shop and look around :)
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