Lilac Skating Event Results

We had our first company trip to lilac city in Spokane, Washington for our first figure skating trip!

Figure Skating Event

It was a great turn around with 10 employees showing up at our lcfsc event. We had great fun with the team ice skating around the rink showing off our teams talent on the skating rink at Spokane Washington.

What We Did

Figure skating is a sport where you perform on ice with pairs or groups. You use a skate which has a bottom with distinct edges for gliding on the ice. The toe pick on the front of the skate is used to help launch the skater off the ground to perform jumps and other acrobatics. 

We had fun watching our team members twist and turn through the ice around the rink during our Spokane Ice skate trip.

The Area

Spokane Washington is officially nicknamed "Lilac City" a type of pink flower. The Spokane people where the first humans to live in the area. A trading post was established and was later incorporated as a city. The city has a rich history and dry summer continental climate.

What Next?

We hope to hold more fun events this year especially as we get closer to April. If you enjoy ice skating and want a nice cool Ice bong to to smoke or cool off after words we recommend that you check out our bong store. We have many great bongs that you can enjoy in cooler climates... or warm climates for or hot people ;)

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