Water Pipe vs Bong - Difference Between a Bong and Water Pipe

Unfortunately, there is not an single agreed upon definition for the water pipe and the bong. So, first, lets distinguish what we mean by pipe.

There two types of pipe, a dry pipe that can take any number of substances, 

A classic dry pipe.

and a water pipe that is typically made of glass and can hold water for smoking. Yet, bongs are also made of glass, hold water, and can be used for smoking, so what is the big difference?

Unfortunately, the internet does not agree. Trusted leafly.com claims there is a distinct difference difference between a bong and a water pipe. Quora.com suggest that there is no difference. Other crowed sourced sites, such as answer.com, will tell us that a water pipe is a much more sophisticated version of a bong. So how does one distinguish between a water pipe and a bong?

We tried checking the dictionaries as well, and found no better luck. The renowned cambridge, defined it as any pipe used to smoke marijuana. Other sites like websters dictionary defined it as a "simple pipe"!

So what do we think here at rockygreenking.com? From lack of agreement across the internet and scholarly sources, we use the term interchangeably. However, we still catch ourselves referring to some of the better pieces as water pipes. But hey! Maybe everyone is wrong :)


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