Most Expensive Bongs In The World

The most expensive bongs in the world can go for over 1 million dollars!

These are extraordinarily, stunning pieces to look at, especially if you happened to be able to visit Illusion Glass Galleries and their prestigious glass collections!

There are many factors that go into the price of an expensive bong, but nothing speaks louder then the prestige behind the artist, quality, and the glass aesthetics.  


The Throne Bubbler by Clinton Roman, Scott Deppe, Darby Holm, and Banjo

The throne bubbler is a work of art with a 1,000,000 price tag!

Great detail went into producing the overall structure of the bong which has a large natural percolator that leads up the skeletal frame to the mouthpiece.


Felix Bubbler by Buck

The Felix bubbler sells for a whopping $150,000 dollars and combines man and creature into a skeletal masterpiece in this functional bong.

Black and White Angler Fish by Buck Glass

This angle fish bubbler sells for $16,0000 and is as majestic as much as it is it is terrifying.

The Flounder by Buck Glass

The Flounder is another good looking piece that resembles the skeletal bone structure of a fish. This piece sells for an incredible $13,000 dollars. 

Double Rainbow Bubbler and Hand Pipe Collaboration by Adam G., Darby, Buck, 2BA, and Eusheen

The Rainbow Rainbow hand pipe looks absolutely crazy with an incredible $85,000 price tag. 

Sublime WhoopZip Set by Adam G.

The WhoopZip Jar and hand pipe is a fantastic piece that runs at $20,000 dollars.

Biomechanical Blue Rain Robo-Dragon Vapor Bubbler by Banjo and Joe Peters

The Biomechanical Blue Robo-Dragon tops out at a whoppin $19,000

Spiked Stand Up Natural Bubbler by Cowboy and Banjo

This Spiked masterpiece is an incredible hand pipe to marvel at and tops off at $65,0000 USD.

Continuum Explorer by Adam G

This unique piece tops out at $18,000 with the mouthpiece located towards the back. 

Do you Want an Expensive Glass Bong of Your own?

We can not by any means, compete with the highly crafted glass artwork that is showcased by Illusion Glass Galleries. However, if you would like an expensive bong to call your own, check out our more "affordable" expensive bongs here


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