Pink Bongs

We have been adding lots of new pink bongs to our girly bong collection and in this guide we wanted to show you some of the newest pink bongs we have for sale! Without further to do, here is the Pink Bong Guide! 

Pink Bong #1

This is our Barbie themed Bong, this bong is a hot pink color and measures 11in tall. Perfect for use by a Barbie (or a Ken) This pink bong has a 18.8mm joint opening, and is sure to keep you smoking away for hours!

Pink Bong #2

This bong is hot pink and glows in the dark! The phosphorescence gives this bong almost a fire glow in the dark and is also a formidable smoking piece! Has a percolator to make your smoke smooth and overall a great piece!

Pink Bong #3

This is the mini pink bubbler. The bong is a translucent purplish-pink color and is smaller in size for ease of use. Maybe not the best option for someone that wants a taller bong, nonetheless still a great piece! 

Pink Bong #4

We are not trying to be heart breakers, but this is the heart bong! This bong is also a purplish-pink and in the shape of a human heart (kinda). Anyways, you should use the lungs, not the heart for smoking, so what about a small heart bong that does it both? ;)

Pink Bong #5

This bong is baby pink and has some thick glass! This is our Girly - Thick Pink Straight Tube and she is a beauty! Super thick 9mm glass, and can handle a decent smoking volume. Great Piece!

Pink Bong #6

This light-pink bong is a little bit more simple then the others, but measures a full 10in tall, has a 18.8mm joint for thick smoke and is ready to go! If you like the beaker bong design - then this pink bong is for you!


We have a wide range of different pinks ranging from hot pink to light pink. If you would like to see more of our pink bongs check out our girly bong collection today!

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