Plastic Weed Grinders – The Good & The Bad

Plastic weed grinders are typically made of acrylic (a type of plastic) and have the appeal of being significantly cheaper in cost - yet this does not come without penalty!

Most plastic weed grinders come as a two piece or three piece grinder (as opposed to four-piece grinders)  and generally plastic does not have the same crushing strength as a metal grinder. Often times plastic grinders have fewer and less durable teeth which may lead to teeth breaking off during the crushing.

Plastic ineffective at grinding

Not only may the cone teeth break off - but generally plastic is ineffective at grinding denser buds. The material may get clogged in between the grinder and the grinder may eventually lose its functionality in grinding overtime - resulting in more difficult if not impossible twisting.


Don't get us wrong. A plastic will grind - Just not as well!

Our conclusion:

  • We definitely Would definitely recommend a plastic grinder for the Price.


  • We definitely Would NOT recommend a plastic grinder for the Quality. 


    We would rather recommend a Metal Grinder for a higher-quality grind.


    Cheers and Happy Grinding :)


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