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Get what you need in a herbal grinder! Herbal grinders help get that perfect aromatic crush for a smoking sesh. Grinding your herb helps create a solid consistency so that your blunt or bowl burns evenly and smoothly. The even grind makes for bigger, better-packed bowls and a more enjoyable session. Our shop features multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. Get that flower crushed way it was meant to be smoked!


Grinder Materials

Our Grinders come in various materials to include metal, plastic, and wood. From grinder reviews, plastic is generally considered to be cheaper and less durable then the more expensive metal.


Grinder Size

A larger grinder can crush larger amounts of herb. Smaller grinders are generally considered to be inexpensive but harder to handle than the larger grinders, which can also store more weed. Smaller Grinders are more portable but may make it difficult to crush large quantities of herb. General sizing is as follows:

Extra Small Grinders:

Inexpensive grinders measuring at less than 40mm in diameter which equates to anything less than 1.5 inches across.

Small Grinders:

These grinders generally measure 40-50mm in diameter or 1.5 to 2 inches across

Medium Grinders:

These grinders are average in size and measure 62-70mm in diameter which equates to 2.5-3 inches. These grinders are bulkier yet can crush significantly larger quantities of herb.

Large Grinders:

These grinders tend to measure 70mm + in diameter or more than 3 inches across. These are the largest of the grinders and generally the most expensive. Bulky to carry around but can crush the largest amount of herb in one sitting.

Grinder Layers:

Grinders can come as 2-part, 3-part, or 4-part grinder:

4-Part Grinders:

Generally, produce a better grind... and THC rich pollen can be used as a concentrate to sprinkle into a bowl for an extra kick

3-Part Grinders:

do not produce pollen but have a trichome kief catcher concentrated in THC that can also be used to sprinkle a bowl.

2-Part Grinders:

give the basic grind without all the perks.

Grinder Teeth

Nail Teeth: look just like a pinhead and makes it harder to turn ( as the rods are not sharp) come as the default for cheaper priced grinders.

Pyramid Teeth: pointy and sharp, while the blades are cylindrical and bare. On pare with the nail teeth(but not by much)!

Dimond Teeth: Bladed on tips makes it pefect for dicing. The best for grinding

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