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Rocky Green King

Huge 3-in Herb Grinder

Huge 3-in Herb Grinder

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How to use :

Put your your material in the top piece.
Twist that bad boy 5-10 times until the crunching stops.
Tap it on the side a few times while it's still closed to loosen up any stuck material.
Make sure the bottom part of the grinder is in your hand before you open it.
Carefully turn it over and pour out your herbs.
Tap it to get any excess material out. (If some is stuck in there, don't worry just close it up and grind a few more times and tap the pieces together to get it loose)

3 inch Herb grinder with paper storage 

Materal : Metal Zinc Alloy 

Color:  Gun Black 

Weight :354g 

Shipping is Free, Arrives 2-3 weeks

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