Weed Grinder Watch - Review

The weed grinder watch contains a real working quartz watch with hidden grinder underneath.

The time is adjustable and clock actually works. Undo the top screw and the cap comes off ready to grind!

Unfortunately, the quality remains sub-par at best. The rubber straps are of poor quality and tend to break after wearing it.

The Screw holding the Grinder is not designed well and tends to pop off after tightening with the slightest of shakes. The glass covering the watch is not the best and was also reported to fall off within a matter of weeks.

Functionally the watch may seem bulky for some and keep in mind that its a one piece – with no kief catcher.

grinder watch

Conclusion: The weed wristwatch was definitely not created for quality But watch looks nice makes for a good Novelty gift


It's 4:20 time :)

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