Possibly Everything You would want to Know about a Bong(and more)


0) Bong History

The first Bong was discovered about 2,400 years ago and found to be made of solid gold (while the modern term got its name from the Thai word "Buang".)

Since then bongs have dramatically evolved to what is possible today( as seen in our glass, wood, plastic, and silicone bongs.) In fact bongs can be purchased here

glass bong

Still, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, so we try to answer some of the most common questions here.

1) Are bongs more healthy?

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Some researchers theorize that bongs might be healthier than pipe smoke, as the water allows toxins to be absorbed into the water. However, different pesticides may be used on the crop and it is unclear how much of the carcinogen the bong water is removing. 

2) Where can I buy cheap bongs online?

Good priced bongs at rockygreenking

Cheap bongs can be bought online at Rockygreenking.com There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and they come at every price point.

3) What do Bongs do?

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Undesirable ash and tar may enter your lungs after a heavy hit. The water helps catch some of that to make the hit less harsh.

4) Can you buy Bongs on Amazon?

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Yes, you can find some bong styles on Amazon but the selection is very limited. It's best to buy your bong from Rockygreenking.com

5) Why do we put water in bongs?

Water for a bong

Without the water, you really wouldn't have a bong. The water helps cycle the smoke and traps ash to make the smoke more enjoyable.

6) Do People Put Ice In Bongs?

bong ice


Yes. Some bongs even have special groves in the neck of the bong designed just to hold all the extra Ice. People claim to get a smoother and cooler toke, and it feels really nice on the lungs.

7) Are Bongs Legal?legality of bongs

In most states, bongs can not be sold for the purposes of consuming illegal substances. Cannabis is still federally illegal in the USA. However, bongs can be purchased as long as they are used for tobacco only.

 8) Do bongs leave a smell?

pig smelling a bong

Yes. Bongs can start to smell after a few months. It's best to rinse the bong after every use.

9) Are bigger bongs better?

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Bigger bongs have a greater surface area and airflow which let you take larger hits, cleaner hits, and bigger bongs are generally very interesting to look at. If the Bong is too big it might be difficult to hit. We recommend big, but not too big. 

10) Are small bongs worth it?

small people

Small bongs tend to be very portable and more affordable. The bong should not be too small or you won't be able to smoke bigger hits from hit. 

Disclaimer: We can not say that these are for cannabis which is still federally illegal. Everything mentioned is meant for tobacco use only.

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