Decorative Bongs

Decorative bongs look great on their own or  as a centerpiece to bring in the attention. These bongs are artistic, ornamental, and also functional! These are the most decorative pieces we have to offer but be sure to check out all our bongs for smoking!

This vortex klein recycler bong is embellished with mesmerizing twists, and curves and makes for a great center piece in any collection. 

The Deluxe Glass Recycler is beautiful in its own right, which is why would love to see this piece decorate any table. 

This propeller percolator is decorated with two propellers that twist and turn as you smoke through the glass. Very impressive how they got these propellors in here!. 

The tornado bong needs no introduction, you can decorate your favorite collection with a twister! Unfortunately, the bong doesn't look half as good when your not puffing. But hey, piece still looks good on its own!  

Iridescent bong #1

Iridescent bong #2

Iridescent bong #3

Iridescent bong #4

Our iridescent bongs are decorative because they bend, and distort the light in incredible ways. It will be best if the light hits at an angle for maximum light separation. 


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