Do bongs smell more than bowls?

The question of whether bongs smell more than bowls is an interesting one and one that has been debated endlessly by smoking enthusiasts. The truth is that it depends on a variety of factors, including the type of material being smoked, the size of the bong or bowl, and the materials used to construct the smoking device.

Factors Affecting the Smell of a Bong or Bowl

Bongs are generally considered to be more pungent than bowls because they are designed to produce a greater volume of smoke. They do this by having a larger chamber that allows more smoke to accumulate before it is inhaled, which can result in a stronger and more noticeable smell. This can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on the environment. In a confined space, a bong can quickly produce an overwhelming smell that can linger for hours. On the other hand, in an open space, the smell can dissipate quickly and not be as noticeable.

The Strength of the Smell: How Material in a Bong or Bowl Can Affect Odor

The type of material  being smoked can also affect the smell of a bong or bowl. For example, certain strains of plants have a more pungent odor than others. The strength of the smell can also be affected by the age and quality of the material being smoked. Depending on the strain, the smell produced by a bong or bowl can range from mild to very strong.

Understanding the Impact of Size on the Smell of Bongs and Bowls

The size of the bong or bowl can also play a role in how much it smells. Generally speaking, the larger the bong or bowl, the more smoke it can produce, and thus the smellier it can be. However, this isn’t always the case, as a large bong can be equipped with an advanced filtration system that can reduce the smell.

Reducing Smoke Odors with the Right Materials

The materials used to construct the bong or bowl can also have an effect on the smell. Glass bongs tend to be less smelly than metal or plastic bongs, as the glass does not absorb odors as easily. Additionally, bongs and bowls equipped with percolators and other filtration systems are reported by some to reduce the smell of the smoke.

Is a Bowl or Bong Better

As we've seen, that the answer to the question of whether bongs smell more than bowls is not a straightforward one. It all depends on the type of material being smoked, the size and materials of the bong or bowl, and the filtration systems used. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide which smoking device produces the least amount of smell.


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