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3 ways to get High on THC


1) Smoking The Flower - Herbs - Buds

The classic form of cannabis comes from the bud of the female plant. The cannabis is also referred to as bud, ganja, marijuana, pot, weed, mary jane, kush, grass or herb.

A Cannabis Plant


The bud is coated in Trichomes that contain both THC and CBD- the source of what gets the patient high or medicated.


A Typical Bud


All THC products are derived from this base plant material; however, Smoking the bud straight is the most common and natural method of achieving a high from the cannabis plant.The plant material must be burned to activate the THC with methods such as: 


Reusable for those frequently smoke


                 When you want to get High and you're Not messing around


      • A Joint
         Perfect for that quick high


                   The future of getting high




              2) Dabbing/ Concentrates

              Concentrates are derived from the base plant material and tend to contain significantly more THC then its raw plant form and have less of a smell. Concentrates come in many forms and are often nicknamed by its texture such as shatter, wax, oil, sap, crumble and sugar. Concentrates are typically extracted from cannabis by using a combination of solvents, heat, butane, and CO2. 

              There are several ways to smoke concentrates

              • A bong/ dab rig - Wax or shatter is typically placed onto a "nail" or "banger" - which is then heated by Torch, whereby the concentrate is applied by a dabber tool and then smoked as normal. Most Bongs Can be converted for concentrates and Vice Versa.

              A Recycler Rig

              Typically used for Oils, A vaporizer is compact and useful for smoking concentrates without the drama of a bulky rig. Keep in mind there are vaporizers for buds and vaporizers for oils and vaporizers for dabs... Be sure to read the description and get the right one!


              3) Edibles 

              The weed brownie is universally the most common edible that comes to mind but edibles are also as effective as smoking in terms of getting high. The edibles Metabolize slower... so the high effect typically takes a few hours to kick in (verses it happening only minutes after smoking.) Brownies, Candy, Teas... the possibilities are endless when it comes to edibles




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