Are Silicone Bongs and Pipes Safe to Smoke From?

Yes, silicone bongs and pipes are non-toxic and very safe to smoke from, as long as you buy from a top online headshop such as RockyGreenKing. Several defining characteristics make a safe silicone bong safe such as low thermal conductivity, low toxicity, and it does not support microbiological growth. Here is a rundown of the top safety features for silicone bongs:

1) Silicone Pipes Do Not Burn Easily

Silicone pipes and bongs can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and are thermally quite stable; however, it would be wise to avoided direct heat contact with the silicone bowl or pipe whenever possible. Keeping heat away still helps to maintain the structural integrity of the pipe longer. Remember, you get what you pay for: some silicone pipes might be better made than others.

2) Silicone Pipes and Bongs are Nearly Unbreakable

Silicone can be used, instead of glass, to make bongs that are nearly unbreakable. You don't have to worry about unsafe acts of "pricking yourself" with shattered glass, and silicone is soft enough where you shouldn't be hurting yourself from banging on it, but please don't bang on it.

3) Silicone is Inert 

Silicone is chemically inert and safe, which means it does not react to most chemicals. Silicon is considered to be non-toxic which is great if you're worried about chemicals leaking from it!

4) Silicone Does Is Microbe Free!

Silicone does not support microbiological growth, which makes it easier to sterilize. Also, this is what also makes silicone containers so popular as safe storage containers for your concentrates and herb!


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