Tornado Vortex Dab Rigs

You can now add a Add a 18mm banger to turn any of our tornado bongs into a dab rag. You can fire up the high heat resistance quartz banger to enjoy concentrates, or stick to the included bowl to smoke everything else. 

The Difference Between a Tornado Bong and a Dab Rig

Unlike traditional water pipes-  dab rigs use a nail, banger or vapor dome to heat waxy oils and concentrates. These are typically made from titanium, quartz ,or ceramic material.

We prefer quartz because it can heat up quicker then ceramic, and quite durable compared to glass. Quartz is also inert which means it wont affect the taste of the smoke!

Cons are that quartz bangers will loose heat quicker compared to to ceramic, but it also heats up more quicker and is more difficult to break!

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