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If your looking to buy a glass tornado bong you came to the right place! We have the glass tornado bong for sale as well as other fancy cyclone bongs. Here we will break down how the tornado bong works, how to use a tornado bong, and how much water to put in!

How the Tornado Bong Works? - The Break Down

Just like a real twister, slits get that twisting whirlwind effect through the pressure differential you get when you inhale. Sure a real twister uses low-pressure differentials made by thermal lows to achieve the same effect in nature - but hey! We came close to it!  

How Much Water Do you put in a tornado Bong?

The tornado glass bong water level will depend on the type of percolator installed on your glass. For the submersed percolator (most of ours) you’ll want to cover ⅓ of the glass with water. Do, not cover the percs that are above the water level. If you add too much water you will get a nasty cyclone that splashes water into your mouth. YUCK! Poor some out if you get your tornado coming out of the glass!

How to Use a Tornado Bong?

To use a tornado bong - take a calm, slow and steady drag, if not you will quickly get a waterspout that quickly gets out of control, made of mostly bubbles. You’ll want to take a light draw to get that vortex spinning nice and firm, then’ll you be treated with a funnel that looks spectacular (minus the damage)!

Our Glass Tornado Bongs are on Sale

Are you ready to go storm chasing for some nice juicy clouds? Check out our glass bongs below, You wont be disappointed :)

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