Dab Rigs

 Dab Rigs are much like bongs - actually dab rigs are exactly like bongs!

The difference between a dab rig and a bong is that dab rigs are made specifically for concentrates (wax, shatter etc).

Any bong can be used for dabbing with the right adapter. Here you can find a selection of bongs that come with a nail ready for dabbing.

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What exactly is a dab?

Dabs are oil concentrates containing high dosages of THC extracted from cannabis. Dabs are often created by using butane or ethanol to separate the THC from the plant. The end result is a strong concentrate that is strong in small amounts(dabs).


What exactly is dabbing?

The dabbing is the process of smoking the dab. Normally achieved by using a wand to apply a small amount of wax (a dab) to a heated nail (which vaporizes the dab) click here to learn more about dab nails.



How do I dab?

First, you will need a rig such as those presented below. Be sure that you are using a quality nail to heat your rig. It is important to seasonI(prepare) a newly bought nail to remove any chemicals it might have from manufacturing. season the nail by placing it on to the rig and torch the nail until it is red hot. Apply wax(preferred) or water. Repeat about 3 times and the Nail and rig will be ready for use.(Seasoning the nail only has to be done once for new nails).



Can I buy dab rigs for cheap?

Dab rigs tend to be higher priced and users typically demand a better quality of pice. However, we proudly present dab rigs for sale under $30 dollars. Keep in mind that any bong can be converted into a dab rig as long as you have the proper nail and joint size.




-Be sure to point the flame away from the bong so that your glass does not break. Nails are designed to absorb the heat of your torch but not the bong glass!

-After heating the nail waiting 10-20 seconds will give the optimum rip(depends on the type of nail used) You might need to experiment with the optimal heat amount for your particular nail.Excessive temperatures can effectively destroy the cannabinoid compounds so its well advised to allow a brief cool down. Optimum temperatures for vaporizing lie between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Not allowing the nail to cool will lead to burnt smoke that does not result in a high or benefits.

-some users use a dedicated dab rig so that resin from smoking flower does not interfere with the clean dab rip. 

-Be warned it is easy to develop resistance to THC if one excessively dabs.