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Welcome to the Mini Bong Shop!

These small bongs measure 8 inches or less and are tailored for those that enjoy the portability of a pipe and the functionality of a bong. Small bongs can generally hold less smoke and can come as a water-pipe or dabber.


While these bongs may be smaller, the price generally tends to be more affordable.

What's The Difference Between A Mini Bong and a Regular Bong?

As can be expected a mini bong is much smaller than regular bongs and are basically scaled-down versions. You can find all the features of a larger bong in a water-pipe that can range from 3in(micro bongs) all the way to 8 or 9 inches. Once you start crossing the 9 in size, those bongs tend to be more of a regular bong. Mini bongs are much easier to handle.

Why Would You Buy a Mini Bong?

Mini Bongs are Better Priced

Price tends to be a big factor when considering a new bong. Because there is less glass used in smaller sized bongs, you can usually save quite a bit of money on these bongs.

Mini Bongs are Super Portable

Mini bongs are also super portable and can be taken camping, to parties or anywhere you go. 

Pro Tip look for a mini bong with less protruding pieces if you plan to take it everywhere

Are Mini Bongs Worth It?

Mini bongs don't have the smoke capacity to be the giant party bong but they are small, discreet, relaxing, and well priced. Some like them, but they are not for everyone.

Cool Mini Bongs

We have most colors available for sale here on our Mini Bong Shop. Try yellow, blue, or orange. Mini Bongs have many features and you will find some with percolators and even dab rig mini Bongs. Be sure to check out the great designs on some of them. As mentioned:

Mini Dab Rigs: Are smaller versions of the big dab rigs and you can tell if you click on the bong and it has a "banger" option in the options.

Mini Bong Percolators: These are very rare because it is incredibly difficult to cram that much glass into such a small space. If you see one expect to pay a hefty price. Quite frankly at that price, it's going to be much better buying a full-blown piece of glass but don't say we didn't warn you.

Mini Glass shapes: of course small bongs can be made to any style that the glassmaker can conjure up. Expect to pay a premium on the more fancy small bongs.

Mini Bong Price

Our mini bongs costs can range from $10 all the way to $200 dollars. What you are getting at the higher price is normally a better-made bong or more intricacies in the glass piping or style.

Mini Bongs Near Me

We try to put the best style mini bongs up online so that you can browse the best all in one place. For those of you that live in rural areas, it is especially important to shop online because it is convenient and we deliver right to your door!

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