Multi-Chambered Bongs - Buy a Bong With Multiple Chambers

These multi-chambered bongs can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes. Feel free to take a look at our different sized double chambered water pipes and bongs or click to learn more.

Collection: Multi-Chambered Bongs

Multi-Chambered Bongs are great pieces to have. Multi-Chambered Bongs Have Multiple chambers, which often help to filter your smoke.

How Many Chambers Can you Have

Two are more common, but three or more are possible. When Smoke is doubled or even tripled filtered - it comes out smoother and is more enjoyable

Why Buy Our Multi-Chamber Bongs?

We have a big selection to choose from and have multi-chamber bongs of every single size. We have multi-chambered bongs with percolation to match so that your purchased bongs can purify your smoke just like the pros. 

How Do You Clean a Multi-Chamber Bong?

Unfortunately, Multi-Chambered bongs can be a bit more difficult to clean because there are a lot of chambers! Try to get your warm water and salt into each chamber, as you would with a normal bong, and then just shake away until all the grime gets loose. Don't forget to rinse!

Multi-Chamber Bong Questions

Where to get double chamber bongs?

Our blue tree bong is a populer double chamber bong as well as our stackable bong. These bongs are nice because the double chambersprovide double the filtration, and double the diffusion.

Where do you get triple chamber bongs?

You can get triple chamber bongs such as the Tall Tree Perc or Triple Perc Bong by following the links. Triple perc bongs offer triple the filtration power, and triple the diffusion. How awesome is that?