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Rocky Green King

Tall + Green | Blue Octopus Bong - Honeycomb Straight-Tube

Tall + Green | Blue Octopus Bong - Honeycomb Straight-Tube

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Description: This is is a very tall bong with a height that measures 17.7 inches which makes this a perfect piece for any serious smoker.

At the base, you will find a UFO Percolator, which to us looks a lot like an Octopus! As well as a Honeycomb percolator which helps break down your smoke to even more bubbles.

Percolators: The Ufo Perc Is similar to a showerhead perc, except there are more slits that improve smoke flow. The honeycomb percolator looks like a bee honeycomb and uses many tiny holes to further break up your smoke. 

Multi Chambered - Two chambers separated by a ufo and honeycomb perc helps bring more filtering to your smoke. The good thing with these two chambers is that smoke has more time to cool down as it moves its way to your lungs from both compartments.

Height: This Bong measures 17.7in tall which is more than a foot Tall! This impressive size is something to be reckoned with, which makes it great for any serious smoker. This is a Monster in height and a monster for your lungs.

Joint: The bong is designed with an 18mm female joint for maximum airflow. 18mm is the largest you can go for most practical cases, which is great if you are using this piece to entertain guests. On checkout, you can equip it with a banger, for dabs, or a bowl for herbs. We recommend just doing it with a bowl and buying an extra banger from our attachments section.

Colors: This Bong can be bought in Green or Blue. We think both colors look super great!

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