Collection: Skull Bongs

Skull, Crossbones, Pirate, Flag, Fade, Eye Patch

This is our collection of skull bongs - subtle, smokey and downright terrifying! The large sockets of these glass bongs will pierce into your soul - leaving you justly satisfied as you rip-it from your skull bong. Browse our collection of skull bongs and related products below, or expand our learn more section.

Why are we Obsessed with Skulls?

Skulls are found everywhere in culture to include: the jolly roger flag used on pirate ships, the Mexican Day of the dead festival,and in fashion such as Hot Topic's skulls. It might be our curiosity of the dead, or our desire to connect to human faces, but regardless of why you like skulls -we are sure you will appreciate the craftsmanship of some of our skull pieces

How Much Are Skull Bongs?

Our prices can range from the 30's to a few hundred dollars. For the upper-tier skull bong you are basically getting better quality and more features then you would with the cheaper priced skull bongs. Think - more percolators, taller rigs, and more intricate glass work when you buy a higher priced skull bong.

Where Can You Buy A Skull Bong?

These skull bongs are pretty unique and you would probably be hard pressed to find a good looking skull bong anywhere else! If your local head shops don't have them, it would be best to search for a quality skull bong online. Plus! We deliver right to your door, Now what's better than that? Ebay also sells skull bongs, but at the time of writing their skull bong selection was not very good.

Description of the Skull Bong

Our Skull bongs are either made to be in the shape of skull, carry a skull graphic, or will have a decorative skull sculpture somewhere on the glass. Some may be terrified, some awed, shocked, and others repulsed by the intruguing nature of these skulls. Honestly, these skulls do nothing to improve the performance of the bong, but we buy them because we think that they look DA*MN cool.

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